Technology & The End Times: A Christian Perspective


This book is a compelling exploration of the intersection between cutting-edge innovation and timeless Christian principles. Embark on a thought-provoking journey through eight riveting chapters, each delving into controversial topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence & The ‘Image Of The Beast’
  • Transhumanism And The Image Of God
  • Human Implanted Microchips … Back In The Spotlight
  • Cryptocurrency: The Future Of Digital Money
  • AR, VR, & The Metaverse
  • Exploring The Ethics Of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering
  • Cloning & The Sanctity Of Human Life
  • The Singularity: A Chilling Warning About The Hypothetical Future Of AI

These beautifully designed articles have captivated readers with their informative and engaging content. We invite you to deepen your understanding of technology’s impact on our lives. Discover how faith and technology coalesce in harmony, offering insights that resonate with hope, wisdom, and an unwavering belief in the eternal truths that guide us.

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