Evolution: Science or Religion?


by H.N. Basson

Evolution is held as a scientific theory throughout the world. Is it the truth or perhaps the greatest lie of all times? Is it possible that evolution is nothing more than a belief system that directly opposes the Christian faith and the Bible?

In order to provide informed answers to these questions, the basic tenets of the Big Bang and the theory of evolution is thoroughly explored. Questions such as the following are discussed:

  • Was there really a Big Bang?
  • How did life on earth come into existence?
  • Is Darwin’s evolution theory at all possible?
  • Is life on other planets like Mars possible?
  • How old is the Earth?
  • Was there a worldwide flood?
  • Did dinosaurs really become extinct millions of years ago?
  • Is the story of Noah and the Ark at all possible?
  • Does the fossil record confirm or deny the theory of evolution?
  • Is evolution a science or simply an atheistic belief?

The conclusion of the book will be a surprise to many people and provides answers to these very complex questions. It is strongly recommended for every scholar, student, parent, and everyone who wants to make rational faith-based decisions.

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