The Hole in the Hedge: Why do bad things happen to good people?


by Mario Marchio (Author)

What do we do when things happen which we cannot explain? What do we do when God does not make sense? What do we do when “bad” things happen to “good” people? Witnessing the death of a little child and being unable to halt it left the author with a shattered faith that refused to make sense of such a tragedy. “Why God? Why did this happen?” was his cry when they took the limp, little body away from him in the hospital.

Having been saved in a “stream” of Christianity that believed in absolute, regular and unquestionable victory over debt, disease and death, the drowning of his little friend left Mario with a heart full of pain and a mind brimming with questions. That’s when the Lord brought about one of the greatest and most life-changing revelations Mario ever received in his experience as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

“The Hole in the Hedge” will help the reader understand the vital truth found in Scripture which states, “He who breaks a hedge, a snake will bite him!” In a simple, and yet profound way, this book casts precious, revelatory light on the unchartered concept of God’s protection. Many people in Africa, Europe and the United States have read “The Hole in the Hedge” and found clarity and solace where there was confusion and doubt. We pray that this book will bring the reader one step closer to the reality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is, “God is good and He loves me.”

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