JOY! Magazine: Feb/March Issue 2024


Embark on a dynamic journey with the Feb/Mar issue of JOY! Magazine as we showcase the vibrant duo, Frank & I, local musicians filled with faith. Their testimony of faithful humble pursuit of God’s will, wherever it may lead them, is sure to inspire you. Read the full interview and catch the real, raw, and wholesome discussion with Frank Furniss and Johan Brits.

Delve into a spiritual fitness check as we ask, “How spiritually fit are you?” Explore the profound questions about God’s will in your life and find out how spiritual fitness is central to living in alignment with His purpose. Unearth the stories of biblical siblings, Cain and Abel, and glean spiritual lessons from their morally opposed portrayals. Journey into the rainforests of Central and South America with a fascinating look at the “jewels of the rainforest,” the poison dart frogs. Discover God’s wisdom and foreknowledge as we unravel the testimony of how seemingly destructive elements can nurture life.

This issue is brimming with diverse content, from news and features to missions and fun. Dive into the exploration of prophetic mega-trends, the debunking of Christian myths about addiction, and be encouraged by testimonies of faith and the unveiling of Christian symbols and their biblical significance.

Don’t miss out on the spiritually enriching experience. Grab your copy of JOY! Magazine, available now in leading supermarkets nationwide!

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